mercoledì, maggio 25, 2016

If you possess something shimmering, it is such a pity not to let it sparkle. Some gifts are rare, they should be displayed all the way. Every time it happens, it pains me to see a squander of talent. I wish I had that and I don't and I look up to people who have it and it makes me sad when they give up on their struggle to let it bloom or are forced to do so by any circumstances. 

Art for art's sake. Such a wise and healthy proposition. Yet sometimes life takes over and it all goes to waste and I find myself in tears over someone I don't even know and I find myself praying for a flip of the script. Because I need to be sure that there is something which is above average and cannot be contained, I need to believe that there is some grace, I need to hope that I will see its twinkling again.



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